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Aadhar card status

Aadhar card status Online

Aadhar card status

There are two ways to check your Aadhaar card status. You can check the Aadhar card status online and you can check the Aadhar card status by phone via SMS. These two options to verify Aadhaar card status are explained below.

Aadhar card status Online 

Please note: In accordance with the guidelines UIDAI, it may take about 3 months (90 days) to get Aadhaar card after signing center on Aadhaar card. If you have applied for Aadhaar cards prior to April 1, 2012 and not yet received / have your Aadhaar card, please click here: get Aadhaar card? You may have to re-apply.

Aadhar card status

Aadhar card status online

Once your Aadhaar card processed successfully, you will see the confirmation SMS registered on your mobile phone and / or obtain your registered e-mail address. After you receive the confirmation, you can Aadhar card status online as well as download duplicate Aadhaar card check online. You do not have to wait until the original Aadhaar card will be delivered at home, such as the double Aadhaar card has an equal validity as the original.

Aadhar card status online

Please note: To download double Aadhaar card, you need the control section, which was given to you when you went to the Aadhaar card center for registration.
If your Aadhaar card is lost control section, please click here: Aadhaar card enrollment lost control section.

Aadhar card status online

Online Aadhaar card download Duplicate: To duplicate Download Aadhaar card can be found here.

If you have not received any notification about your UIDAI Aadhaar card processing, you can still check your Aadhaar card application status online. To check the Aadhaar card status online, you need to check section, which was given to you when you went to the Aadhaar card center for registration.

In the control section, look for these 2 items on the top: 14-digit registration number 14-digit date and time of registration

Aadhar card status online

These 28 digits constitute temporary registration identity (EID). Give these 2 products in the correspoing boxes in Aadhaar card status check page here. To check your Aadhaar card status by phone, send an SMS as a "UID STATUS <14-digit registration number>" (eg UID STATUS 12,345,678,901,234) to 51969th If your Aadhaar generated map and the text is from the registered mobile number then sent to get the Aadhaar card number, otherwise only the current Aadhaar card status is to be aware of. Lost Incase your Aadhaar card control section to your Aadhaar to check card status by name, click here

Aadhar card status by Name.

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