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Kailasa Manasarovar Temple

Kailasa Manasarovar Temple

Kailasa Manasa Sarovara Mountain and both are places of life of Bhagavan adhi Parama Shiva yogi. Kailash Mountain also called Mount Kailash in Sanskrit. This place is one of Gangtise Mountains in the Tibetan Himalayas. The major rivers of Asia start from this mountain. According to Hindu Dharma, this land belongs to Bhagavan Shiva, one can attain Moksha by visiting this sacred place. This mountain is near Manasarovar and Rakshasthal. Once you climb this mountain, you can not come back. Many people have tried to reach the summit of the mountain, but none of them succeeded. The meaning of Kailasa is' Spatikam "in Sanskrit. This mountain is called Gangs-rin-po-che in Tibetan, meaning gang is "Himaratna" and Rin-po-che means economic value. The full meaning comes as "precious Himaratna".

Kailasa Manasarovar Temple

Different people call religion Kailash mountain with different names. Buddhists call precious Purpose Mountain (Gangs-rin-po-che), bone people call many names, they are "water flower", "Water Flower Show" and "Nine Dontarala Swasthik Mountain". Hindus believe that he is the living place of Lord Shiva. Buddhists believe that this is the main point of the world center. Apple anuyayus believe that it is the living place of the sky god (Sipayimen). The major rivers start from Kailash Manasarovaram are Indus, Brahmaputra, Karnali and Satlej. According to Hindu Dharma Shiva and his wife Parvati live at the top of the mountain and Lord Shiva sitting in Dyan Mudra.

Kailasa Manasarovar Temple

Vishnu Puranas also explained about this mountain. They say the mountain is the main basement for this world. He has four faces, they dress, gold, blue and Spatikam. The structure of the mountain looks like a Lotus and is set among six mountains. The four rivers start from Kailasa mountain stream in four different locations that divides the earth into four parts.

Kailasa Manasarovar Temple

Kailasa Mountain amounted to 21.778 feet above sea level. The Kailasa Manasarovar Temple Mountain is spread over an area of about 52 km and is located in the middle of many icebergs. There are many mysteries in this mountain, and even today`s cutting-edge science could not hunt mystery. Some exceptional power is around this mountain that is beyond human thoughts. It is amazing that the major of all the wonders of the earth. Historians age Kailasa Manasarovar Mountain is 10 million years. It has four lateral sides first extracts color quartz second side saw the color of gold, the third side to preview the color of dress and fourth side preview the color blue. It also has four in the forms of a horse's side, second side lion, third and fourth side peacock elephant. Horse shows as Lord Hayagriva, lion shows Weichel Parvathi Matha, elephant and peacock shows Ganapati shows Weichel Kumara Swami. Hindu Puranas say all forms are indications of Lord Iswara. Like today, it is impossible to climb this mountain. Anyone who has tried so far all failed, some even died. Two helicopters are also missed. Since then, nobody dared to climb this mountain. Manasa Sarovara is a lake in Tibet. It is at a distance of 940 km from Lasa. This place is very close to India and Nepal. Rakshasthal Lake is located on the south side of Lake Manasarovar. The Kailasa Mountain is a holy place for Hindus. The high lake 4,590 meters above sea level above. Kailasa Manasarovar Temple has 88 km in circumference, 300 feet deep and 320 sq kms area are. Kailasa Manasarovar is connected with Lake Gangachu Rakshasthal channel. In this place the summer starts from May and ends in August The highest temperature is 15 degrees Celsius in this field. The rainy season starts in September and lasts until November. The lowest temperature is -15 degrees Celsius in winter. This place is busy with lots of small stones and grass fields. In Sanskrit Manasa means Manasu (mind), and means Sarovara lake. According to Hindu Puranas Sarovara Manasa was born from the mind of Brahma. Is is said that those who drink the water Kailasa Manasarovar go to heaven after death. If we take a bath in Mansarovar, then our sins of hundreds of lives (janmas) will be washed out. This lake has the most fresh water in the world. The pilgrims who want to visit this place is to maintain good health and fitness because they need a lot of energy for climbing and walking through the mountains.

Kailasa Manasarovar Temple

How to reach Manasarovar and Kailasa Mountain Way of the road Bharat: Indian government manages the Manasarovar Yatra. It takes 28-30 days to complete this Yatra. The seats are very limited, which visitors should book their seats 2-3 months in advance. Videshi Bharata Yatra this leads Vyavaharala shaka and selected members can draw Kailasa Manasarovar Temple Yatra goto. The way the air is available in Kathmandu and how the route is connected from Kathmandu to Manasarovar. Helicopter route: From Kathmandu, Nepal Ganj and perfect road is available in Nepal Ganj Simikote by air. We can reach Hilsa simikote in by helicopter. We can go directly from Hilsa Manasarovar by land cruisers. Lhasa route: If we manage to Kathmandu flights are available from Kathmandu to Lhasa China. After reaching Lhasa we visit places like Pigitse, Gyante, Lhastse, Prayaga and other cities, and finally we can direct you to Kailasa Manasarovar Temple. "DEVALAYO RAKSHATHI RAKSHITHA" - save the temples, temples will save.

Kailasa Manasarovar Temple

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