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PMEGP KVIC / KVIB / DIC Loan Application Online - 25% to 35% Govt - Subsidy

Khadi & Village Industries Commission  
Prime Minister's Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP)
ప్రధానమంత్రి ఉపాధి కల్పన పథకం (PMEGP) ద్వారా బారతదేశం  లోని అన్ని రాష్ట్రాల నిరుద్యోగులందరు ఈ పధకం ద్వారా కుటీర పరిశ్రమలు   నెలకొల్పవచ్చును ...



Bank Loan Application Online

*25% to 35% Govt - Subsidy

Qualification: 8th Class to PHD / Diploma 

Loan required: 50000.00 to 50 Lac

 List of Activity Industry Name:

  1.     Papad Making     Agro And Food
  2.     Screen Printing     Service And Textile
  3.     Offset Printing & Binding     Service And Textile
  4.     Masala Udyog     Agro And Food
  5.     Gen. Engg.Works(Grilling painting)     Rebt
  6.     Manufacturing of Ice/Ice Candy     Agro And Food
  7.     Goldsmith(Jewellery works)     Mineral Based
  8.     Engineering Works( Agrl implements)     Rebt
  9.     Bakery Products     Agro And Food
  10.     Manufacturing of Food Industry     Agro And Food
  11.     Net Making     Poly And Chem
  12.     Herbal Beauty Parlour/Ayurvedic Harbal Products     Service And Textile
  13.     Wood Work     Rebt
  14.     Cable T.V. Network/ Computer Centre     Service And Textile
  15.     Manufature of Steel Grills     Rebt
  16.     Public Transport Service/Rural Transport Service     Service And Textile
  17.     Foundary Unit     Rebt
  18.     Mat Making     Hmpi And Fibre
  19.     Manufacture of Silk Sarees     Service And Textile
  20.     Manufacturing of Engg. Instruments(Tube-lights     Rebt
  21.     Manufacturing of Chips from Banana(raw)/Potato     Agro And Food
  22.     Silversmithy     Mineral Based
  23.     Coconut and Areca nut products     Agro And Food
  24.     Sofa Repair works     Service And Textile
  25.     Kamble Weaving     Service And Textile
  26.     Production of Bumper Plant Protecter     Rebt
  27.     Idol Making     Mineral Based
  28.     Coir work     Hmpi And Fibre
  29.     Paddy Unit (PCPI)     Agro And Food
  30.     Supari Making Unit     Agro And Food
  31.     Printing Press/Screen Printing     Service And Textile
  32.     Threasur machine Unit     Rebt
  33.     Video & Photo studio     Service And Textile
  34.     Dyeing & Raising(Flannel)     Service And Textile
  35.     Poha Making Unit/Popcorn     Agro And Food
  36.     Manufacturing Pharmacetical products     Forest Based
  37.     Basket Making/Bag Making     Forest Based
  38.     Trunk & Peti Mfgs.     Rebt
  39.     Watch Repairing     Service And Textile
  40.     Cement Blocking     Mineral Based
  41.     HDPE BagStitching &Printing     Service And Textile
  42.     Electronics(TV     Service And Textile
  43.     Mining activities & Trading small stone     Mineral Based
  44.     Iron work     Rebt
  45.     Fabrication Work     Rebt
  46.     Bedana/Raisin Industry/Seeds Processing     Agro And Food
  47.     Auto Service Centre     Service And Textile
  48.     Kath Manufacturing     Forest Based
  49.     Mandap Decoration     Service And Textile
  50.     Mud pot Mfg.     Mineral Based
  51.     Charolie making     Agro And Food
  52.     Automobile work     Rebt
  53.     Cotton Bed/pillows     Service And Textile
  54.     Transformer/Elect.Motor Pump/Generators     Rebt
  55.     Computer Assembling     Rebt
  56.     Welding Work     Rebt
  57.     Soda Mfg. products     Agro And Food
  58.     Polishing of Granite Stone Slabs/Granite Crushing     Mineral Based
  59.     Pepsi Unit/ Cold/Soft Drinks     Agro And Food
  60.     Ban Making     Service And Textile
  61.     Groundnut Decordicator (Seeds/Oil Purpose)     Agro And Food
  62.     Chappal Making/Shoes Making     Poly And Chem
  63.     Painter/Mfg. of Paints.     Service And Textile
  64.     Threshing     Agro And Food
  65.     Khava & Chakka Unit     Agro And Food
  66.     Prod. of Ice Box     Agro And Food
  67.     Mfg. of Cooler Body     Rebt
  68.     PVC insulated Wire & Cables     Poly And Chem
  69.     Manufacturing of Plateform scales/ Dharamkanta     Rebt
  70.     Mfg. of Mirror /gift Articles     Rebt
  71.     Screen Printing in Cotton Textile Fabrics     Service And Textile
  72.     Production of cassette player whether or not fitted with Radio     Rebt
  73.     Manufacture of electronic clocks and alarm time pieces     Rebt
  74.     Manufacture of Rural Transport vehicles such as hand carts     Rebt
  75.     Servicing of Electric wining and Electronics appliances and equipments     Service And Textile
  76.     Collection of forest plants and fruits for medicinal purpose     Forest Based
  77.     Manufacture of Rubber products (dipped latex) Rubber Sheets     Poly And Chem
  78.     Limestone Lime shell and other lime products Industry     Mineral Based
  79.     Cottage Match Industry / Manufacture of Fire works and Agarbattis     Poly And Chem
  80.     Manufacture of Jute products (under Fibre industry)     Hmpi And Fibre
  81.     Manufacture of Cane-Gur and Khandsari/Jaggery making     Agro And Food
  82.     Manufacture of Various Material Handling Equipments     Rebt
  83.     Mfg/Processing Marble sheets/Tiles(Simple/Mosaic etc..)     Mineral Based
  84.     Ayurvedic Medicine Mfg. by forest produce/medicinal plant     Forest Based
  85.     Blue Metal Jelly (excavation of stone quarries for crushing of blue metal jelly)     Mineral Based
  86.     Manufacturing of Machinery Spare Parts/Bearing etc.     Rebt
  87.     Manufacturing of Mixer Grinder and other House hold goods.     Rebt
  88.     Others     Mineral Based
  89.     Others     Forest Based
  90.     Others     Poly And Chem
  91.     Others     Agro And Food
  92.     Others     Hmpi And Fibre
  93.     Others     Rebt
  94.     Others     Service And Textile
  95.     Mfg. of Shutter Locks etc.     Rebt
  96.     Mfg. of Sewing Machine Parts etc..     Rebt
  97.     Chemical Industry     Poly And Chem
  98.     Steam Coal Powder     Mineral Based
  99.     Perfumes Making     Poly And Chem
  100.     Nylon rope making     Poly And Chem
  101.     Mfg. of Barbed Wires     Rebt
  102.     Immitation Jewellery (Bangles) Making     Rebt
  103.     Rotary Furnace     Rebt
  104.     Mineral Water     Service And Textile
  105.     Xeorx Centre     Service And Textile
  106.     Manufacturing of Screw/Ball Bearing     Rebt
  107.     Mfg. Wieghing Machine     Rebt
  108.     Mfg. of Trolly of Tractor & Turi Trolly     Rebt
  109.     Vermicelli (Shyarige) Machine     Agro And Food
  110.     Manufacturing of PVC Shoes     Poly And Chem
  111.     Engg. Workshop     Rebt
  112.     Saw Mill     Rebt

Preference for sponsoring Agency and Office:- Preferred Agency : KVIC ,KVIB ,DIC 

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PMEGP KVIC / KVIB / DIC Loan Application Online - 25% to 35% Govt - Subsidy

PMEGP KVIC / KVIB / DIC Loan Application Online - 25% to 35% Govt - Subsidy

PMEGP KVIC / KVIB / DIC Loan Application Online - 25% to 35% Govt - Subsidy

PMEGP KVIC / KVIB / DIC Loan Application Online - 25% to 35% Govt - Subsidy

PMEGP KVIC / KVIB / DIC Loan Application Online - 25% to 35% Govt - Subsidy
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