Telangana Ration Card FSC Online Apply Meeseva

Telangana Ration Card FSC Online Apply Meeseva

Apply Telangana Ration Card food brand (FSC) BPL APL AAY online how to apply for new ration card

Telangana Ration Card food brand BPL APL AAY Online Application

Telangana TS-Ration Card FSC Online Apply Meeseva Centar

Telangana Ration Card FSC Online Apply Meeseva

Telangana Ration card FSC food map
The new state of Telangana is the division part Andhra Pradesh. The Hyderabad is the capital of both states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana for the next ten years. Because the Hyderabad come under the border of the newly founded state of Telangana, so the government a committee of experts, the new capital of Andhra Pradesh name will propose in the 45 days after the formation of form. The governor of both the state will be the same also. The two State have the same two major rivers Krishna and Godavari. The two rivers of water will be distributed in these two states. It would be the establishment of a Council to monitor the government. The Polavaram irrigation project will be declared as a national project. The central government would control it. Right now is the AP state has 42 Lok Sabha seats. After the formation of Telangana state  Ration Card FSC Online Apply Meeseva AP has with 25 seats left. The rest will go to the new state. Likewise, the mounting seats are divided. Right now 294 seats under the AP assembly. After the formation of the new state of Andhra Pradesh have only 175 seats and another 119 seats under the mounting Telangana State.

Telangana Ration Card FSC Online Apply Meeseva In public or private educational institutions the same quota system for admission to the next ten years will hold. The high court will remain for both state in Hyderabad. A separate court will be made later. Each transaction between the two States applies on both sides of the conflict and its solution by agreement. Ten counties will be given the new state from the present Andhra Pradesh. If both States not to each other affects the central it is to occupy and to consult with the auditors. The security forces will be shared according to the advice on the particular state into two states. Recommendations 13. Financial Commission and other requirements related applicable to the population in both countries. The AP State Hyderabad, Adilabad, Khammam, Karimnagar, Mahabubnagar, frog, Nalgonda, Nizamabad will be Ranga Reddy and Warangal districts part of Telangana. The Telangana state border will touch on AP, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh and Orissa.

Telangana Ration Card FSC Online Apply Meeseva

Telangana Ration Card FSC Online Apply Meeseva

Telangana Ration Card FSC Online Apply Meeseva The new State Govt is also planning the budget for health care and public health services associated gimmick. The government doubled the budget for the health sector is currently assigned is planned. Two percent of the state budget for health is now assigned. Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) in the newly created state, because the state has decided to reform the health sector, 85 percent of the population depends. Because the nations have more than 200 km for a good treatment Hyderabad and the CM also announced that branches in ever area of Hyderabad Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) to establish travel. Each part and taluka headquarters will open in a primary health center and hospital. The government will encourage private investment. It's better ability to grow in Hyderabad. In this area, the potential hub of medical tourism has become. Telangana pharmaceutical production contributes one third of the country.

Telangana Ration Card FSC Online Apply Meeseva

Telangana Ration Card FSC Online Apply Meeseva

Download Ration Card Application Form
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 How Ration Cards Get in Telangana State

The ration card system now by the same process as the AP Civil Supplies Department and provided citizens comes under the new state of Telangana also from the service to get it added to pass through the mee seva center. See below full details of the ration card of the new state by both possibilities (meeseva / apcivilsupplies):

Telangana Ration Card FSC Online Apply Meeseva

Telangana Ration Card FSC Online Apply Meeseva

Types of TS Ration Card food Brand:

Telangana Ration Card FSC Online Apply Meeseva Ration card is the most important document not only for the food grain itself works as proof of identification of the holder person. This shows you all the details on the card holder's family profession and age / relationship. There are three types of ration card has provided the bye is BPL Telangana FCS (Food and Civil Supplies Department) is first second and third APL is AAY.

 Telangana Ration Card FSC Online Apply Meeseva BPL - The BPL card, given to the families who live there lives in poverty. BPL also known as the name below the poverty line and the holder can obtain the BPL card in low price on Telangana state food grain. In food grains, rice, wheat, kerosene and sugar available BPL families from FPS (fair-shops). Apart from the food grain plant, the BPL card holder families of the new government have various other services bye given the govt and non govt organizations. The BPL families can obtain loans for home and education in low interest rate. Students are given various type of reservation in seats and fees relaxation time of admission. Along with this the BPL family students are able to obtain various scholarships. These cards are white color, given to poor family.

 APL - The APL card facility is for families who are above the poor family living where. By APL card the owner's family is unable to get some merchandise from FPS (fair-shop). This family often lives in the urban area and works in any government or non-govt company. The student belongs APL family in Telangana state is not entitled to any government or non-govt to obtain services. The new government formed the government provide additional benefits for a limited period. These cards in the white color of the FPS. The family that has these types of cards a little more money, then pay the BPL card holders to get food grain through the store.

 AAY - The AAY card to those families who live in poverty line families BPL given below. This card is. With the red / pink color, which provides a lot of benefits to the owner's family The holder of the family has to pay less money more, then the BPL card holders to obtain the food granules through the fair price shop in Telangana state. With the AAY card (Antyodaya Anna Yojana) not only used to the food grains other than that has several governmental and nongovernmental welfare system is provided. The cardholder families students to obtain the grants and loans for their study by state government. The family has also given the loan facility, to make their own home.

Apply for Ration Card
Telangana Ration Card FSC Online Apply Meeseva The official portal of gave the opportunity to the registration form of the ration card in Telangana state to obtain. Citizens can visit the official site of the Department and to submit their request by downloading the online application form. The civil supplies dept also the toll free consumer care service via the 1967 number given.

In the other hand,  Telangana Ration Card FSC Online Apply Meeseva online portal made up two sections homepage, initially for the state of Andhra Pradesh and the second for the Telangana State. The meeseva works to make the communication bridge between the government and ordinary citizens. The department had established their own known mee seva centers, also known as CSC (Common Service Centre / Citizen Service Centre). See the step below for the steps to obtain the ration card application and filling process, together with the necessary documentation and submission process.

  Click on the below page in order to achieve in meeseva Portal of Telangana section. You can also visit the official website of / where you need to on the mee seva government Telangana option click visit. This will send in new section and a part of who made only for the newly established State.Telangana Ration Card FSC Online Apply Meeseva

Telangana Ration Card FSC Online Apply Meeseva

FSC  TS Ration Card food brand Here on the home page, you can see the possibility Mee Seva Service forms that you send in the page below. Click on the below website to reach the service area. Here you have to find the option as mentioned Civil Supplies Department in the section application forms picture.Telangana Ration Card FSC Online Apply Meeseva

FSC TS Ration Card  food brand 

Now you can download the PDF file can be found of the application form to obtain the ration card in the state. Here you click on the download option and fill this one with the following data. You can take the expression with the extra copies, so that in case of failure, you can use another form.

FSC TS Ration Card food card 

Telangana Ration Card FSC Online Apply Meeseva

 Enter information of the budget, as mentioned below:
First select the ration card, for which you need (APL / BPL / AAY / AAP)
Fill UID number and the name of the family head person with local language.
Fill both mother and the father's name in English and local language.
Give details of spouse name with date of birth and age.

 Enter information about the job for budget person:
Fill in the details for the occupation of the head of the family person.
Fill out the annual income information according to the certificate.

 Enter information of gas associated with the name of the person household:
Select the gas connection status of Deepam, double, single or without cylinder.
Be the gas company along with the gas agency name in the next section.
Be noted a complete entertainment by number of ration card.

 Enter information residence / permanent address:
Fill out the door number and place for both types.
Enter district, Mandal and village information in the next.
Now write down the fair price shop number with PIN Code.

 Enter information from family members and others:
Write the name and sex, along with their age and the name of the Father / Mother here.
Fill the UID number and relationship details with the head person of the family in the next.
Fill old ration card number (if available) and enter all the details of the other members

 Upon receipt and fill out the registration form visit the nearest meeseva center with complete documentation for the head person address proof, age proof and affidavit. Applicants must also take on other receipts for any other family members. The list of all mee seva centers Telangana state is indicated by the link below. If you need help any person department, then make the call in 1100 or send your email in

Click here  Telangana Ration Cards

Telangana Ration Card FSC Online Apply Meeseva

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