Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme Complete Status

Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme Complete Status

Aasara Social Security pension system in Telangana State

Please visit the website below for Aasara Pension List District, Mandal and village Wise:

Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme Complete Status

Orders were issued for the sanction of the pension in order repealing all existing social security pensions (Aasara pensions), which detailed comprehensive guidelines for Aasara inns and eligibility improvement in the past on this topic issued.

Governments have the eligibility criteria prescribed checks in the guidelines keeping in view requests from people from various sectors, and after careful consideration hereby issue the following change in the order named:

AMENDMENT 23 GO MS November 25, 2014 dated

In paragraph 4 below eligibility criteria (III) Keyword (B) socio-economic criteria occurred "The persons belonging to households one or more of the following conditions listed below are not eligible for social security pensions" should be replaced and are as follows;

"The persons belonging to households satisfies one or more of the following conditions and whose annual household income is more than Rs.1.50 lakhs in rural areas and Rs.2.00 lakhs in urban areas listed below are not eligible for social security pensions"

2. In paragraph 4 occurred under eligibility criteria (III) words (C) "fall Households under the following socio-economic criteria and in the above age group, can be used for recording and thus entitled to a pension should be considered, provided they are not in the exclusion list "will be replaced and read as follows;

"Households falling under the following socio-economic criteria and in the above age group and whose annual household income of less than Rs.1.50 lakhs in rural areas and Rs.2.00 lakhs in urban areas for inclusion may be considered and thus entitled to a pension, provided they are not in the exclusion list are "

3. In paragraph 4 below eligibility criteria (III) (C) to condition a new condition vii VIII added;

"Viii independent artisans, hawkers and vendors active in small business"

In paragraph 4 (iv) requirements for the sanction of a pension a new clause viii will be added to clause vii as under:

"Viii. Where income is the basis for the approval of a pension, the applicant must be an income certificate from the tahsildar concerned" must be given.

Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme Complete Status

Go to 17 on November 5, 2014 Government Telangana as part of their social safety net strategy states herewith that ensure Aasara inns overlooking in dignity for all arms secure life. This regulation is to the elderly and infirm, the vulnerable sections of the society to protect in particular; People with HIV-AIDS, widows, incapacitated Weber and Grog tappers who have lost their livelihood with age to support their day to day minimum requirements necessary to lead a life in dignity and social security.

2. In the past, provided social security pensions were meager and barely adequate to meet the basic minimum requirements for the needy. combat With regard to the ever increasing cost of living and inflation, the government is providing herewith a new scheme Aasara called pensions, which will provide significant financial benefits for all of the above categories, especially those who are most in need.

Aasara inns implementation of the social security pension system

3. Identify government overlooking eligible beneficiaries, a comprehensive one day Samagra Kutumba survey (SKS) of households in the US state of Telangana carried out on August 19, 2014. The data is collected during the survey expected to form the basis for identifying the poor and weak who are really suitable for the social safety net protection, through the AASARA pensions. To this end, instructions have already vide Memo 6. ibid begin a detailed process of identifying the poor and weak output. To this effort, the district collectors have to assess the identification of the most poor and vulnerable to strategize exclusion and inclusion criteria broadly. Past experience has shown that large numbers of ineligible beneficiaries have managed to acquire the benefits meant for the poor and the weak result in neglect of the poor and deserves to be, despite their added for retirement. Schemes such as social safety nets are implemented to protect the poor and vulnerable by providing a means provided a dignified life to live and to alleviate immediate suffering. There is therefore a need for the utmost care be taken to ensure that no eligible poor or vulnerable are omitted here. District collectors have to put up with census data of persons in relation to data, which are old and frail to broadly identify with disabilities and widows to their respective district, the number of recipients in each category. Also, be sure that due to the loss of livelihood due to aging handicapped craftsmen ensure are covered adequately in contrast to grant the benefits on the basis of the Community.

4. The data after careful consideration of the proposal, the comprehensive guidelines for Aasara Inns supercession all in the past are hereby issued on the subject in order to issue, as under:

Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme Complete Status

I. Name of the program
The new social safety net program is proposed by the government called Aasara Pension Scheme and by 1 October 2014 into force.

kcr lunch Aasara in Kothur Mahabubnagar

II. Amount of pension

Government hereby fix the pension amount per month for the following categories of pensioners as listed below:
SN Category monthly pension amount (Rs.)

Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme Complete Status

  1.  Age 1000
  2.  Widow 1000
  3.  disabled 1500
  4.  Weavers 1000
  5.  Toddy tappers 1000
  6.  people with HIV-AIDS in 1000

 selection criteria

 Older Attraction Pension Teilnahmebedingungen during Verification
1 Age 65 years of age and above.

    Age should by age criteria given above

    Should be clearly demonstrated by supporting documents, such as birth certificates, electoral register, Aadhaar card or a document showing proof of age.

     If no document is the proof of age is available, the marriage must calibration official able to pass through a rational assessment of the age, by matching with other factors such as age of the children, grandchildren, etc.

     In case of an indefinite number of persons, it is for assessing age by tests such as ossification and recorded documentation thereof are referred to medical association.

2 Weber Age 50 years and older.
3 widow

    Age 18 years and older.
    Death certificate of her husband.
    Every year updation on re-marriage for young widows (to 45 years)

Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme Complete Status

    For widows' pensions, the spouse's death certificate is a must to be eligible.
    Where the death certificate does not exist a local request may whereafter registration act of death certificate must be taken after the birth and death, to receive in the next three months. In case of remarriage, the village secretaries must certify each year that the individual has not remarried.

4 Toddy Tappers aged 50 years and above.

    For Toddy tapper pensions, the examination should be confirmed, whether the receiver in the cooperative of toddy tappers is a registered member.

5 Pension for people living with HIV-AIDS (ART pension) Who anti-retroviral therapy undergo (ART).

    Medical certificate of the hospital in question, that the applicant is a person with HIV-AIDS
    List of names can also certified by the Art Centre received by the authority heading in the middle

6 differently abled (people with disabilities)

    Regardless of the age.
    Disabled a minimum of 40% disability under SADAREM assessment must.
    In the case of hearing impairment, the minimum should be 51% disability (dt according G.O.Ms No. 31. 01-12-2009).

(In the case of a minor, the pension will be paid to the mother / father of a disabled child)

    For disability pensions, persons with a SADAREM certificate of disability of 40% shows, and are above into consideration.
    In the case of hearing impairment, the minimum should be 51% disability.

B. socio - economic criteria: Aasara pensions are intended for disadvantaged families who, in old age or widow in the family do not deserve have member. The acquisition members in the family are
expected by the law after to seek their parents. Similarly, people are greatly hindered with disabilities by their content of disability that to be invalid and excluded from society and family, making; therefore they need financial assistance. Accordingly, there is to consider scheme for the grant of social security pensions under the Aasara a need for exclusion and inclusion criteria in. The people who met at the households of one or more of the following conditions below are not listed for social security pensions are:

I. Country is more than 3.0 acres wet / dry irrigated or 7.5 Acres dry.
ii. With children, the government / public sector / private sector employment / Out-Source / Treaty;
iii. are with children, doctors, contractors, professionals and self-employed;
iv. With large companies Enterprise (oil mills, rice mills, petrol pumps, rig owners, shopkeepers, etc.);
v Already government pensions or freedom fighters receive pensions.
vi. Owners of light and / or gravity (four wheels and large vehicles.)
vii. Any other criterion, in which the calibration official, by the type of lifestyle, occupation and possession of assets make the household ineligible judge.

must fall C. Households under the following socio-economic criteria and in the above age group for the recording will be considered, and therefore entitled to a pension, provided they are not in the exclusion list:

I. Primitive and Vulnerable tribal groups;
ii. Women-headed households without suitable income members;
iii. Households with persons with disabilities;
iv. In view of all pensions except disabled and widows, only one member (preferably women) per household for a pension to be granted;
v. the landless peasants rural artisans / craftsmen (such as potters, tanners, weavers, blacksmiths, carpenters), slum dwellers, people earn their livelihood on daily basis in the informal sector as porters, coolies, rickshaw pullers, hand cart pullers, fruit / flower sellers, snake charmers, rag pickers , Schuster, is impoverished and other similar categories, regardless of rural or urban areas;
vi. stay homeless, homeless households in temporary informal businesses or huts especially in urban areas;
vii. Households headed by widows or terminally ill persons / disabled / persons aged 65 years or more without assured means of subsistence or societal support and non-disabled earning member.

It should be on daily wage and subsistence level not to miss from the poorest of the poor households as those who live in straw / plastic roof huts, landless and asset less bad life be taken on each eligible person.

-: 5: -
IV. Requirements for the approval of a board: Every retiree must submit the following documents for sanction of an annuity:

I. The applicant should come up given according to the guidelines in para II in question
ii. photo
iii. Aadhaar number - (If Aadhaar numbers are not available, they are secure in the next three months)
iv. Savings account number and IFSC code either from a bank or a post office
v. Age Certificate
vi. Death certificate for widows. (Where death certificate is not available, the Panchayat Secretary has conducted a detailed investigation and submit a report. However, the death certificate is obtained uploaded in the next three months and in the online system.
vii. SADAREM certificate in the case of people with disabilities 40% or more and 51% with respect to the hearing impaired
V. the eligible pensioners: examination of requests shall be carried out by the Gram Panchayat or the respective municipality / Deputy Commissioner of GHMC.

I. The Gram Panchayat secretary / village tax officials in the rural area and Bill Collector in urban areas will receive applications;
ii. The Gram Panchayat Secretary in rural areas and the Bill Collector in the urban areas with the task of verifying these applications and certification are entrusted to them;
iii. The designated Mandal Parishad Development Officer / Municipal Commissioner / Deputy / Zonal Commissioner Supervisor is the checked applications check their suitability to assess and penalize them a pension on the basis of time to time prescribed by the government guidelines.
iv. While the beneficiaries is done, we have upwards in para C, the data is according to the household survey, the census will keep population numbers and percentages for the old-age, widows and disabled for each Panchayat, Mandal and community in mind, in addition to equity under warranty various social categories like SC, ST, BC and OC communities.
identified v. Unjustified identification and certification of beneficiaries in the social audit or favorable treatment to surprise verification of beneficiaries and initiated disciplinary action paid everyone besides recovery of the amount. These are unlawful certificates include SADAREM regarding people with disabilities issued.

VI. Sanction of pensions and expenditure of pension card: After verification reports were submitted by the control officer, the MPDOs in rural areas, tahsildars (Hyderabad Zone) / municipal commissioners in urban areas and Dy. Commissioners in GHMC areas as follows:

I. Assessment on the whole the Recommendation and reports the same with the SKS survey data (exclusion and inclusion criteria) and the Census assessed and assigned correlate for each mandal of the district collector for the aged, widows and the disabled to mandal.
ii. MPDO to ensure that the poorest are identified from among the verified list, all social categories like SC, ST, BC and OC communities and strictly covered in this order. Adequate care should be taken that no claimant will be omitted.
- 6 -
iii. meet after the above criterion concerns the MPDO / Municipal Commissioner / Deputy Commissioner of GHMC, the data in the Aasara give software developed specifically for this purpose and are the same online to for submitting Verwaltungsvorschrift penalty circle Collector (all procedures completed online ).
iv. After final approval by the District Collector will ensure the MPDO that Aasara Pension distributed tickets for the respective category fasten by the photo of the recipient. take necessary precautions to ensure his order that the information be printed on the card by the Aasara software.
v. The GPs should definitely keep a register A and a B register, been drawn indicating the existing pensioners and those who come into question, but not for a pension into consideration. How and when a vacancy is and a person can be accommodated, the person who considers first listed among the criteria on the following oldest, SC / ST, landless is housed with a preference for women, especially lone women in all are based, to categories. The same should also be available online, to ensure that the eligibility process has been scrupulously respected.
. VII Aadhaar Seeding: All the payment will be paid for utilities only biometrically following:
I. Where Aadhaar number is not available for a recipient, they are to enable immediately biometric authentication based Activated payment through the Aadhaar Payment System (AEPS) are seeded;
ii. Where beneficiaries no Aadhaar number you have to secure it with the help of local administration and the Aadhaar provide number of 31-01- 2015 from February 1, 2015 payments may be made only by biometric authentication;
iii. The pensions will be prepared by biometric authentication with Aadhaar number. For this purpose, either the best finger detection (BFD) or IRIS authentication can be used on the services;
iv. In rare cases, such as those who are bedridden or upper extremities are affected, so the pensions of Gram Panchayat secretary will be paid / Bill Collector its own biometrics, but this applies only in rare cases and all such cases should be clarified to be done , higher by a competent authority;

Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme Complete Status

VIII. Publication amounts for payment of pensions: the MPDO have chosen to communicate the details of all recipients, online SERP for the release of the amount to the districts for the payout as follows:
I. Centralized acquittances' along with methods will be generated by searching for approval to the process of the county collector by the project management, DRDA in the web in the software at the state level and placed;
ii. The project management, DRDA requires the approval of the District Collector to take physical file and load the file in Aasara software;
iii. Funds transfer order is automatically the funds transfers electronically by the CEO, SERP operated by the SSP State node account to the paying agencies, which are generated by SERP and the funds transfer order;
-: 7: -
iv. The MPDOs / tahsildars (Hyderabad Zone) take the acquittances from the applications that download and made them take prints up to the handover to the paying agencies;
V. The pensions will be paid out at GP / payout point level of customer service provider (CSP) in the areas covered by the paying agencies;
vi. The signed acquittances will be the MPDO / tahsildars (Hyderabad Zone) returned by the paying agencies;.
vii. In cases where there is a change in the pensioner status as the death of a pensioner, widow, who married in disability status again and change is, which is by the Customer Service Provider (CSP) / Branch Post Master (BPM) / Gram Panchayat reported secretary (GPS) per month. The MPDO is responsible on an immediate basis to delete these names;
IX. Paying out pensions: Each pensioner has a bank account in which the amount to be transferred.
I. In larger communities where ATMs are plentiful, the pensions can be paid into the bank accounts of beneficiaries in order to draw them using ATM cards;.
ii. In rural areas where banks are present, the pension in local banks or the post office can be deposited and will be paid through biometric authentication either the best finger detection or iris scan. For this purpose, any pensioner who is registered for payment by the biometric authentication of the biometric device;
iii. As far as possible, the payment of pensions should buildings be carried out in a public place such as the school building or the Gram Panchayat;
X. Settlement cycle: The monthly payout cycle of social security pensions to be followed, as indicated below, without fail, so that the poor receive each month the pension amount on a given day.
Activity Schedule Date
The pensions 1st to 7th of each month
The exchange of data disbursement by biometric / IRIS authentication SSP server through pensions agencies direct impingement pay on real time basis
The return of the signed acquaintance with the pension Paying Agents MPDO / Municipal Commissioners. 9
Transfer the undisbursed amount of pension paying agents (PDA) directly to State Node Account (SNA). 9
The generation of acquittances for the following month 16th to 21st
Authorizing a method by District Collector 22 / 23rd
Request for Fund Transfer Project Director, DRDA on securing the approval of the District Collector on the same day
Approval of Fund Transfer Request (FTR) with the SERP after the approval of the District Collector 23/24 backup
The funds for the payment of pensions to be achieved to the affected PDAs from SNA 25

Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme Complete Status

-: 8th: -
XI. Acquittances are mandatory for payment: Each payment in cash or by biometric authentication is only on the relevant acquittances will be paid retained. In other words, the signature / thumb impression of the beneficiary must be taken against the name of the Volume / biometric authentication of the amount for payment. The MPDO the Municipal and / Deputy Commissioner ensures that all acquittances duly signed / thumb impressions are secured by the beneficiary in question checked and confirmed. The aquittance records are audit / social audit and inspections are met.
XII. Social Audit: 100% social audit is carried over by the Gram Panchayat secretary / Bill Collector and independently in Urban / GHMC areas of SSAAT paid pensions. Social Audit of SSP are carried out in all the villages along with MGNREGS in rural areas. Wrongful certification ineligible recipients are strongly dealt with at all in the verification process in addition to recovery of the amount involved.

XIII. The administration of pensions: The CEO, SERP, Telangana, Hyderabad and all district collectors full responsibility accept Aasara pension system online to implement. Precautions must be taken that strict protocol cause changes in the database or in the process, is kept out by the instructions issued by the government. Required network security of data is ensured. Only authorized change requests permitted under the approval of the Authority. Vendor software will only change into force, where it only written by the chief clerk requests for changes. Detailed MIS reports are universal set accessible to all on the website and pensions are performed. Administration costs 3% can not exceed over the costs as incurred for paying agencies are covered, conducting social audit and maintenance of software, hardware, etc. for implementing the Aasara pension.

5. This order is issued with the cooperation of Finance Department vide their

U.O.No.158 / EBS-VIII / 14, dt.1 / 11/2014.

Officail web site

Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme Complete Status

Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme Complete Status

Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme Complete Status

Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme Complete Status

Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme Complete Status

Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme Complete Status
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