e-Filing-Income Tax Refund (ITR Returns) Online

e-Filing-Income Tax Refund (ITR Returns) Online 

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 Income Tax India eFiling Every Year at incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in
  1.     E-File
  2.     As a registered user
  3.     E-filling

As registered users are e-filing with income tax India?

  1.     Income Tax India E-filing can be filled
  2.     Individual / HUF
  3.     company
  4.     trust
  5.     company
  6.     AOP / BOI / LA / Cooperative Soc / AJP / Gov

  • In the home page of the Income Tax India e-filing website (incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in), click Register (if you are new taxpayers), login user (registered users).

  • Once you successfully register the account, have created in or, you can use all services on the portal, where as e-filling, sending / redemption forms, etc.

  • To register, you must have a valid Pan Card number, if you for new pan card therefore apply here.
  • How fill from registration?
e-Filing-Income Tax Refund (ITR Returns) Online

  1.     For example, if you are single / HUF mark on so that and continue.
  2.     Basic Now Details columns must be opened.
  3.     The user has the correct email id and mobile number enter because all the future communication will be by e-mail address.
  4.     Once successfully registered, it shows "Thank you for receiving e-Filling your transaction ID 1023954154" and confirmation link was your email id has been send. Click to activate your login e-filing account on this activation link.
  5.     That's all, now login with current details and use dashboard, my account, download the registration form to change the password, add CA, etc.

How to Submit E-filling Income tax-return online

Step 1: Choose the homepage, section GO TO 'Downloads' and applicable income tax form each assessment year or login application in e-Filing and go to "Downloads" -> "Income Tax Return Forms" and applicable income choose tax form each Assessment year.

Step 2: Download the Excel Utility of Income Tax Return (ITR) Click Here

Fill to validate the Excel utility and. , (You can download the personal and tax information in your tax returns Pre-Fill-fill before, login application in e-Filing and 

GO TO -> Downloads -.> Download Prefilled XML to the desired path / destination in your desktop / system the Excel open utility (ITR) and click on the "Pre-Fill" button. This requires you to select the path / destination, where you have the XML and click save OK. the details are uploaded to your utility. you can edit the control data, if necessary).

Step 3: Generate an XML file and save it in the desired path / destination in your desktop / system.

Step 4: LOGIN to e-Filing application and GO TO -> E-File -> Upload Return.

Step 5: Select Income Tax Form and Assessment Year.

Step 6: Select Browse and the XML file

Step 7: Upload Digital Signature Certificate, if available and applicable.

Step 8: Click on 'Send'.

Step 9: After the successful upload acknowledgment details would be displayed. Click the link to view or to create an expression of receiving / ITR-V form.

Preparing and sending ITR 1 / ITR 4S Online: The taxpayer has the opportunity ITR of the original 1 / ITR 4S by uploading XML or via online submission 
Login e-Filing application clicking on "E-File '->' Preparing and submit ITR online 'Select the income tax Form ITR 1 / ITR 4S and the assessment year. 

Fill in the details and click the Send button After successful transmission, confirmation details will be displayed. 

click on the link to an expression of receiving / ITR display -V form or produce.

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