Pattadar passbook the terrible loss of a leg in the accident happens. When the theft, passing counterfeit pattadar passbook through the terrible terrible for miseva darakhastu can be seen. Pattadar passbook terrible fake pass and pattadhar passbook  transaction will be used to acquire alternative transactions Service. Pattadhar mutilated case we use the substitute transaction service. We have lost the case in the use of fake Pattadhar transactions Service. Category Type B user charges INR 35 / - Challan total INR 15 / - documents the need for alternative transactions Pattadar  Application Form Registered document (copies) recent passport size photograph  If there is anything fake signature * Pattadar transactions (above documents can be ) scanned copy of FIR to the jurisdiction of the bank from the NOC certificate.

NOTE: The asterisk (*) indicates the necessary documents. Pattadar to apply for alternative transactions: Note: - the approved / rejected, the customer receives the message. If you want to request rejected / accepted. As soon as the request is approved by the Department , Pattadhar citizen of the transaction will be sent to the address sent by courier dvaranakili Pattdhar terrible pass. Charges payable by the indices. Note: - fake Pattdhar as a substitute for the transaction is the same as the Pattadar

Note: - fake Pattdhar as a substitute for the transaction is the same as the PattadarDuplicate and Replacement of Pattadhar Passbook Service is useful to acquire
Pattadhar Passbook. In Mutilated case we use Replacement of Pattadhar passbook service. In
lost case we use Duplicate Pattadhar Passbook Service.

Category Type  B

User Charges  INR 35/-

Challan Amount  INR 15/-

Documents Required For Replacement of Pattadar Passbook
Application Form* 
Registered document (copies) if any* 
Recent passport size photo * 
Signature  *
For Duplicate Pattadar Passbook (Addition to above documents) 
Scanned Copy FIR * 

NOC certificate from the bank in the respective jurisdiction

Note: The asterisk (*) denotes mandatory requirement of documents.

Apply for Replacement of Pattadhaar Passbook:
Note: - After Approved/Rejected, Customer Received Message. Like you are Request is Approved/ Rejected. Once the request is approved by Department, the Pattadhar Passbook will be dispatched through courier to the citizen address.Note: - Duplicate Pattdhar Passbook is also same like as Replacement of Pattadar

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