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Rameshwaram Temple - Tamilnadu

Rameshwaram Temple - Tamilnadu

Rameshwaram Temple - Tamil Nadu Rameshwaram temple is one of the most Dwadasha Jyothirlingaas. This is Temple is located in the 17th century. The Sloka "Sethu bandethu Rameshwaram" is a part of the temple history. It has accommodation in all Jyothirlingaas 7 dwadasha. It is located on an island in ramanathpoor Pamban district, Tamilnadu state. Sea is around the four sides of Rameshwaram. We can only achieve the greatest way of Pamban to Rameshwaram. When we visit Rameshwaram, then we will get the effective result kaashiyatra. That's why it is a part of the Chardham Yatra.

Rameshwaram Temple - Tamilnadu

Sri Rama Chandra Prabhu constructed bridge is here. The bridge root is launched from here in Lanka. The Raavana king of Lanka kingdom, he is to devote a Bhagavan Shiva. We can therefore assume that bridge way to connect between Bhagavan Shiva and Keshava friendliness. Here is established in Rameshwaram of Shiva Lingaa of Sri Raama Chandra Prabhu. Called Bhagavan Shiva as Rameshwara, Raama and Raama lingaa Natha. The story says Raavana is SITA Maata kidnapped. After Raama starts from here to lanka for storing Sita Maata. Sri Rama Chandra Prabhu is the Raavana killed. Raavana is a Brahmin. So, that's why Raama is the Bhagavan Shiva prayed, because he comes from the brahma hatya Pataak and do want to preventing the brahma hatya pataak. They are determined to Bhagavan Shiva worship. Therefore, Hanuman went to Kailash mountain for finding suitable Shiva Lingaa But Hanuman is returned not as fast. He did so late. Thus founded Sita Maata the shiva Lingaa with sand, it is also called Seikata Lingaa. Meanwhile, Hanuman is coming here, and he saw the established Lingaa. He was angry to establish Lingaa. Instant Hanuman is trying to remove these established Lingaa by its history, but it's not coming from there, because it made with the glory, the hands of Sita Maata. At this time, Raama tried to stroke the Hanuman and promised Hanuman "devotees initially at our established Lingaa" after they visit the Sita Maata founded Lingaa. The Raama is establishes the Lingaa of Hanuman. Lingaa founded This Hanuman is also called Viswa Lingaa. The Sita Maata is Lingaa founded as "Raama Lingaa".

Rameshwaram Temple - Tamilnadu

Rameshwaram Temple - Tamilnadu temple architecture is in the South Indian style. 3portics there near coast of the island. The excellent sculptures bent on the beautiful columns. The length of the ceiling, which is about 49. It is to stand to the base by the rays. The temple is built with polished granite. Next to the temple, there are 4000 feet long by 3 mandapas. This is one of the wonders of the world. The temple Portico (mandapa) is 1200 strong pillars. The dome height is 130 feet east, west dome height is 80 feet. The two sides of the Mandapa, which has two stages. They are 25 meters high columns. These are built with granite stones.

Rameshwaram Temple - Tamilnadu

There is a beautiful fountain as well. When do we start swim that well, then we can see from our previous birth Sins come. Each well water is too different from other wells and taste differently. This is an honor Bhagavan. Mulavirat Dharshan starts at 6 'o' clock in the morning. After completion of the Mulavirat Dharshan we can achieve Parvatha vardini amma varu. The idols Ashta Laxmies away near Parvathi Maata. Here Gujarat Bhavan is provide good accommodate for vistors. We should visit this at least once in our lifetime. Save the temple. Devalayo Rakshathi Rakshitaha. Om Jai Sri Sitaram Namha Shivaya
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